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Educating students is the highest service that one can ever do in life. Children need education that is derived from schools and colleges. Teachwell aims to provide the best education to students at home without having to visit schools. A pandemic has become a great threat that settles everyone's homes. Teachwell began to provide the best grade education to students in order to avoid impediments to learning.

Since online education is suggestive at present, we offer classes online. Soon we will introduce a single-step application for the ease of students accessing our site. So, we are yet to introduce an application for Android and iOS soon.

Board of education:

At Teachwell, we offer coaching based on the board of education the students belong to. We can allocate tutors based on the board of education so that students can cope with the tutor easily. We offer tutors who educate in CBSE, NIOC, ICSE, and state board education in Kanpur. Owing to the student’s need for tutors' allocation resides.

Easy Access

Due to the pandemic effect, we suggest our students attend online tuition classes. The timing of classes is purely based on the availability of tutors. We strengthen the concept of the subject in the minds of students so that they can access it after coming back to school. We also recommend students take classes as after-school tuition coaching.

The motto of Teachwell:

The ultimate motto of Teachwell is to provide the best experience of personification in education. The founder of Teachwell, Manish, said that the benefits of personalised education must reach each student who studies at home. At Teachwell, students are bound to their teachers to know what they are studying. The concept of subjects is taught well through personalised classes where students are educated about the subjects through after-school tuition classes.

Easy access to all features.

As the title describes, necessity is the fundamental thing that derives the essentials of all inventions. Through technology and personalised benefits, we educate children. Education is essential for every child to have. Teachwell finds a new way of teaching children based on their skills and demands.

Children and their mental status

Every child is unique, with different learning skills. Some are academically good, some sound good after brief coaching. Some students need special attention to learn, read, and study. We educate children based on the category they belong to.

At Teachwell, we classify our tutors to educate and coach special kids and other kids. Just like a board of education, we also classify children based on their brain development and mental status.


Education is the birthright that every child needs to attain. We cannot deny them the right to learn and study. Parents are spending their precious time and money finding coaching centres and premises. We swear by the earnest experience your child will achieve at Teachwell. We use technology and only the best tutors to educate your child and get to know the subjects they study.

Parents are aware of their children’s education. At Teachwell, we use technology to educate students and make them comfortable with subjects they may find difficult. We are about to step ahead technologically to offer single-step applications to help you and your children access our site in a single step and ease the learning task.

Teachwell is the right destination for your search for education apart from schools. We assure you the best learning experience and also take responsibility for fulfilling your child’s education needs.

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